Our Services

Do you want to change the color of your car? Fox Paint offers auto painting services of the highest quality. We exclusively use high-end paint, and obtain the colors solely through computer programs, to match your every preference. The paint applying process takes place in a professionally furbished cabin, at low pressure, followed by up to 80° Celsius drying procedure to guarantee outstanding results! At the end of the procedure, your car is ready-to-drive.


is how many cars we’ve enhanced

No matter the brand of your car, you benefit of:

FREE damage report

Headlights polish

Body polish

Windshield/side and rear window replacement

Acquisition/sale of body/mechanical parts

Rim repairs and paint

Tinsmithing, car body recovery

MIG-MAG corgon

Auto/Moto painting

Motorcycle body repairs

Custom/Replica motorcycle painting

Classic car body/upholstery restauration

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